Mist Falls Trail Kings Canyon National Park

Joshua Tree National Park Off Queen Valley Road

Sunset Campground Sequoia:Kings Canyon

Waterfall Outside of Crystal Cave Sequoia National Park

Lydgate Kauai Sunrise

Mount San Antonio

Cactus Flower Joshua Tree National Park

Ontario Peak California

Sunset Campground Sequoia:Kings Canyon 2

Geology Tour Road, Joshua Tree National Park

Lydgate Kauai Sunrise 2

Saddle to Ontario Peak

Roberts K38 Surf Motel Baja Mexico

Laguna Wilderness Trails

Ascent to Mount San Antonio (Mount Baldy)

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Welcome to Greenwoods Uncharted!

Hi! This is Logan and Michole Greenwood. Together, we are Greenwoods Uncharted. You might say that our entire life together has been something of an adventure. We met as roommates in a random roommate match in college. After falling in love (and graduation) we followed our wanderlust from North Carolina all the way to the West coast, where we currently reside. We made a promise when we moved,that driving across the country would not be the culmination of our adventures, but the beginning. For now, we are more than happy exploring the beautiful landscape of Southern California: hiking, surfing, climbing, and looking for new experiences along the way. Soon though, the winds of change will blow again. Where to? We have no idea! Maybe to the Pacific Northwest, or maybe abroad. But wherever it is, we hope that you will follow along with our adventures, and be inspired to chase your own!

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Minimizing and Self Improvement

As you know, our time in beautiful Southern California is fast drawing to a close. Our last day in our apartment will be December 15. The plan? A life of freedom, travel, love, and happiness! The problem is that two of those things: freedom and travel are not free....

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What We Have Been Up To

Hello everyone! Logan here with some BIG news! Some of the big changes that I hinted at not too long ago are finally coming to fruition. Michole has left her job, we have given our 30 days notice to our landlords, and soon we will be packing up and leaving sunny...

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Jetboil MightyMo

It’s late; you are just finishing up a long day on the trail. Maybe you are arriving back at basecamp after an 18-hour summit push. You are exhausted, maybe hot, maybe cold, but definitely starving. So you need something to cook up that delicious Mountain House dinner...

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