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We are Logan and Michole Greenwood, and together, we are Greenwoods Uncharted! We met in college, at the University of North Carolina, as the result of a random roommate match. Michole was training for the Olympics, having just transferred there to dive, following her coach from the University of New Mexico. Meanwhile, I had made a rather late decision to return to school after taking a semester off to go live in Panama City Beach, Florida. Fast forward to graduation, we were engaged, and packing our bags for a move to the west coast with, as I joked at the time: no money, no plan, and no hope.

Michole Diving.

Logan in Mountain Biking Race.

Hiking to Ontario Peak Together. Our First Hike in the Snow.

We craved a life full of adventure when we made the move, and promised ourselves that it would be far from the culmination of our adventures, but only the beginning. Then, life set in. Money was tight, and we found ourselves consumed by work, and aside from frequent surf sessions, adventure in our lives was non-existent. We just couldn’t seem to find the time.


There are moments in life when things reset, and for us, that was getting married on September 2nd, 2016, and our honeymoon on the beautiful island of Kauai. Kauai allowed us to reconnect with ourselves and with the Earth in ways that we hadn’t for a long time, and we made a promise then to make changes.

Wedding Day!

Honeymoon Sunrise!

Watching the Sunrise!

Since getting married, we have truly had a paradigm shift about what is important in life, trying to simplify and downsize as much as possible, something we are still in the process of. This has allowed us to explore the truly remarkable wild places in Southern California, and we hope to leave to explore even more soon!

What we do:


Adventure! But seriously, we want to travel more, see more, do more! And of course we have the activities we enjoy doing along the way that will guide us towards the places we go and the things we see. We are passionate about nature: being in and preserving Earth’s wild places. Surfing, climbing, hiking, and soon we hope to add mountaineering to the list! Here is the funny thing: we are not great at any of them! Michole and I both have backgrounds as high level athletes, and contrary to what you might think, it’s not all that glamorous. It’s a life of dull monotony. Don’t get me wrong, it has its moments, but this blog is not about people doing what they are great at. We are not sharing our travels, our adventures, our successes and failures because we are experts to be looked up to, but because we are regular people just like everyone else, and if we can do these things, so can you!


So whatever your dream is, go out and chase it, catch it! Ride that wave, climb that mountain, hike that trail, take that trip! And we hope that you will tell us about it when you do!


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