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Minimizing and Self Improvement

As you know, our time in beautiful Southern California is fast drawing to a close. Our last day in our apartment will be December 15. The plan? A life of freedom, travel, love, and happiness! The problem is that two of those things: freedom and travel are not free....

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What We Have Been Up To

Hello everyone! Logan here with some BIG news! Some of the big changes that I hinted at not too long ago are finally coming to fruition. Michole has left her job, we have given our 30 days notice to our landlords, and soon we will be packing up and leaving sunny...

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Mexico Trip Report

Hi all! As I write this, we are just getting back from Mexico and getting everything packed for our trip to sequoia. By the time it publishes, we will be back from Sequoia as well, so be sure to check out our Instagram for pictures of both trips! We pulled out of our...

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Why Do It?

Why do we do what we do? It seems like a simple enough question on the surface, but this is actually misleading. Upon closer inspection it is much more complex, as layered as the earth beneath our feet. What does it even refer to? Why do we eat, why do we sleep?...

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Jetboil MightyMo

It’s late; you are just finishing up a long day on the trail. Maybe you are arriving back at basecamp after an 18-hour summit push. You are exhausted, maybe hot, maybe cold, but definitely starving. So you need something to cook up that delicious Mountain House dinner...

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I am afraid of heights. There, I said it. It’s nothing new, nor is anything that I’ve ever been shy about admitting. But more so than ever before, it’s something that I have been overcoming. My fear is largely irrational, which bothers me because I consider myself a...

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Greenwoods Uncharted

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