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Baldy Bowl Climb – Mount Baldy

8.16 miles   3,954 feet   Strenuous   6-7 hours Mount Baldy   Our first winter hike on Mount Baldy came about a week after a huge snow dump left several feet of snow on the trail. We started around sunrise and had to use crampons from the time we...

Mount Baldy

11.3 miles   3,985 feet   Strenuous   5-7 hours Mount San Antonio, better known as Mount Baldy is one of the more well-known peaks in Southern California. At 10,064 feet, it is the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountain Range, and is one of SoCal...

Mount Baldy Winter Hike on Ice

8 miles   3,954 feet   Strenuous   6-8 hours Logan here   One foot in front of the other. Stab ice axe into ground, take two steps, stab ice ax into ground, take two steps.   Yesterday, Michole and I climbed a snow and ice covered Mount Baldy....

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